Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Place's sound

You know how there are songs, or bands that seem to evoke, or even define, the feeling of a place or person? Like, for me, M83's "before the dawn heals us" is Los Angeles, or at least the popularized version of Los Angeles. This, Spoon - I Summon You, is Rome. I love running across these songs, cause they are hard to find. I wonder how many others there are undiscovered...


Gigi said...

there are things that just define a moment in time. i remember my mother and I rented a beach house and we had just got done making dinner and we went out to the porch to eat it and I put in some music by a band from south africa (ete) and it just perfectly defined that moment in time. the sun was out, it was warm but not to hot, things were moving slow, we were enjoying the passage of time together. it was one of the most beautiful moments in my life and music helped contribute to it.... jesus lord why am i not a musician?

anyways. i totally am feelin this post.

Jonathan said...

Awesome, Yeah, the moment in time stuff is really cool, usually it's in a car for me. Maybe with a group of friends, going somewhere fun, everyone is talking loudly and then the talk quiets down and everyone is listening to the music play as the world passes by the window. That seems like that's a lyric from a song, now that I think about it. Anyways, glad you dug the post, Music is really awesome. Which seems obvious, but allot of people don't seem to care about it, and i don;t get that.